Top 3 Biggest Charitable Donations in History

When it comes to charity, there are so many wonderful causes that deserve our attention, that one might seem overwhelming. Still, there are some impressive charitable donations worth taking into account. Let’s see up next why people do humanitarian actions, along with the top three most significant contributions of all times. 

Why do people offer money to charity?

Well, giving to those in need is something programmed in our being. And besides the fact that giving to charity makes you feel good, there are several reasons why people offer donations. First of all, giving to those in need provides us with the sense that we are connected to our community. Besides, it creates a strong connection amongst us as individuals, being a great way to express gratitude. And the best part about offering money to charity is that it strengthens personal values. 

Which are the top three most significant charitable donations in history?

Warren Buffet – $37 billion

It is believed that Warren Buffet managed to donate to several charities, and it is estimated that upon his death, up to $37 billion will be given to several organizations. The American business magnate is rather selfless, making him one of the top philanthropists in the world. He does his best to help those in need, no matter to where on the globe they live. Also, he collaborates closely with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, making a huge impact on the life of numerous people. 

Nicholas Woodman – $400 million

Nicholas Woodman is the founder of GoPro, and he is one of the most reputable business owners in Silicon Valley. Overall, he offered to charity around $400 million. He put the basis of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation back in 2014, and he continually tries to help both local and international communities with their problems. 

Bill Gates – $25 billion

Bill Gates is one of the most influential figures in the philanthropic world, as he managed to donate an outstanding $25 billion. Of course, he does his best to help the poorest countries on the globe, with a lot of focus on children in need. And Gates doesn’t stop here. He is planning to invest more in charitable organizations that do their best to vaccinate people in the poorest countries in the world. A significant part of his net worth is redirected to vaccine research, along with how it can better the lives of those in need.

Of course, besides those three important charitable donations that made history, there are plenty of other public figures that managed to make a change for the world we live in. Amongst the most important donors of all time, we can mention Mark Zuckerberg, Herbert and Marion Sandler, Charles F. Feeney, or Gordon Moore.